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Message from the President

Dear Visitors,

On behalf of the Malaysian Students Association Japan (MSAJ), I extend a warm welcome to all of you who have arrived at our website. As the President of this esteemed association, it gives me great pleasure to share the vision and purpose that drive our vibrant community.

The MSAJ serves as a platform for Malaysian students studying in Japan, fostering a sense of unity, support, and cultural exchange among our members. We understand that studying abroad can be both exciting and challenging, and it is our mission to create an inclusive and enriching environment for all Malaysian students in Japan.

Our association aims to provide various avenues for personal and academic growth, encouraging our members to excel in their studies while embracing the diverse experiences Japan has to offer. Through a wide range of events, activities, and initiatives, we strive to create lasting friendships, promote cultural understanding, and develop leadership skills among our members.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our Malaysian students in Japan have access to the necessary resources, guidance, and support during their academic journey. Whether you need assistance with settling into a new environment, connecting with fellow Malaysians, or exploring opportunities for professional development, the MSAJ is here to lend a helping hand.

This website serves as a valuable hub of information, keeping you updated with the latest news, events, and initiatives undertaken by the MSAJ. We encourage you to explore the various sections, engage with our vibrant community, and make the most of the resources available.

I am confident that your time with the MSAJ will be filled with rewarding experiences, meaningful connections, and personal growth. As the President, I am committed to working closely with my dedicated team to ensure that your journey as a Malaysian student in Japan is as memorable and fulfilling as possible.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to welcoming you into the MSAJ community.

Warm regards,

Muhamad Firdaus Ali
Malaysian Students Association Japan

Muhamad Firdaus Ali

3rd year economics undergraduate,
Shiga University
Firdaus was elected as MSAJ's President for 2024/2025 term. He is a 3rd year economics undergraduate, Shiga University.